Furry Friend Transport

Preparing For Your Visit

If you have never visited us before, collect your pet's medical and vaccine records.  They are an important part of your pet's first visit.  

Have an idea of how your pet travels before your appointment day.  

For feline and small canines, 

 a sturdy carrier will keep your pet safe and comfortable. Make it familiar to them by filling it with a favorite treat, toy, blanket, etc. and leave it out at home , allowing your pet to come and go and not be stressed by the sight of it.  Appointments have been missed when Felix the cat takes cover when the carrier comes out!   

After Booking Your Appointment

For your feline friend’s next veterinary visit, stop by our hospital beforehand to pick up a complimentary calming pheromone (Feliway) wipe for your cat carrier.

Make car rides stress free and fun.  If your canine friend gets carsick, try taking them on short car rides to a pleasant experience (walk in the park).  That way your pet will not associate the car with your veterinary visit.

The Ride & When You Arrive

Try not to feed your pet at least 3 hours before travel. Cover the carrier with a blanket, drive smoothly, and comfort your friend with your voice or music of choice!

Canine friends should be allowed to eliminate before coming to the clinic unless otherwise instructed by the doctor. 

We prefer you use a slip leash while in our waiting room.  If you do not have one, let us know and we will gladly provide you with one.  

We have a cat only waiting room to provide your feline friend a quiet space to ensure your cat is as relaxed as possible before the exam